What We Need:

Connecticut Alimony Reform believes that judges need discretion coupled with guidelines, and that the laws need to give divorcing couples and their mediators and lawyers tools with which to settle their cases, not incentives to litigate them.

Our goals are to ensure that alimony is awarded to either spouse when necessary and if funds are available, for a reasonable length of time based on the length of the marriage, and the income and assets of the parties Specifically, the legislation CTAR supports:

• establishes guidelines for alimony duration: 50% of marriage, in most cases

• codifies law regarding upward modifications requiring not only a significant income increase in the payer but significant increased need in the recipient;

• makes changes to establishing cohabitation for alimony payers and recipients

• removes the income and assets of 2nd wives/spouses of payers in alimony modifications

• guarantees that alimony payers have a right to retire and end payments, with deviations for exceptional circumstances