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End Of Alimony Deduction Hits Connecticut Couples

A Broken System: Halls of Justice

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Most people take time and review the fine print when making a big purchase in life.  Whether that is a car, house or college education they don’t just rush into a purchase of such importance without ample time to review and ponder.  Yet that’s what many parents are pressured, and at times threatened, to do in the hallways of courthouses throughout our country on decisions that impact the lives of our children and our own future well-being.
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Divorce Corp on Netflix

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Conn. Supreme Court Blocks Fee Collection Method for Family Lawyers

Connecticut the first state in the nation to rule that lawyers can't use so-called attorney charging liens as a tool to collect family case fees. Justice Peter Zarella, writing for a unanimous court, found that the use of such liens for legal fees in divorce cases are not supported by case law from three centuries or by attorney ethics rules.


Alimony in Connecticut: A Rudderless Ship

The principal question surrounding alimony has not been addressed in over 60 years
Tara C. Dugo, The Connecticut Law Tribune

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When Alimony is Forever

N.J.'s alimony law gets an update logo

TRENTON — New Jersey’s alimony law — derided by many as archaic — is getting an update.

Gov. Chris Christie's office announced tonight that he signed a bill (A845) that would make significant changes to alimony, though critics have said it doesn’t go far enough.


Family Law Reform Conference

Guardian Ad Litem Reform Approved By Legislature

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Guardian Ad Litem Reform Approved By Legislature

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